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Alternatives to Conventional Mortgages!

There is no doubt that obtaining a bank loan in today's economy is very difficult! As a result more and more investors and buyers are seeking owner financing!!

Seller financing is emerging as the solution to the decline in traditional lending, due to the subprime crisis. Increasingly, it's responding to the sluggish real estate market by offering a real alternative to conventional mortgages. With seller financing, more property owners are able to sell---often more quickly. It also allows many would-be buyers to purchase the properties they want.

Seller financing is a tool that can be used to close deals faster and to finance borrowers that may not qualify for traditional bank loans. Recently, the market for Seller Financing has matured considerably. The Seller Financing industry has developed to the point that the Seller Financed Real Estate transactions are now marketable commodity in demand!!!!

85 Million Americans with a Down Payment and Income to make Mortgage Payments Can’t Obtain Financing the traditional way any more !!!!  
GTS has the solutions!!


Buyers who can’t obtain conventional financing come from every walk of life, such as, lower class, middle class and upper class. Most communities are affected by a sea of inventory of bank owned foreclosure properties and restrictive qualification and underwriting guidelines for loan approval.

Our unique creative financial programs enable such properties to be purchased by such community members under this Seller Financing formula.

Current conventional financing methods are ineffective for most Americans in today’s real estate market crisis.  

Old financing methods will not work in today’s real estate market, doing what you are accustomed to and expecting the same results.


Compare  Owner Financing Programs with banks pre-qualifying
So why choose owner financing?

Owner financing offers the opportunity if you are prepared. With limited or no traditional financing, qualified buyers are searching the market.

Generally Owner Financing is the most misunderstood and confused form of
financing that most sellers take for granted.


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