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Las Vegas, the neon city in the middle of a desert, has seen its housing market expand and collapse in the blink of an eye. But Las Vegas is a town where millionaires are made overnight and even real estate investors can win big.

Las Vegas’ neighborhoods are still recovering from the slump caused by overbuilding, speculation and subprime lending. Foreclosures line the streets and planned luxury high rise condos on the Las Vegas Strip are incomplete or sitting vacant.

“The change in the market over the past few years has gone from an extreme hyper lack of supply to a severe glut,” “We’ve gone from [a] market where it was a cash flow positive, below national median house price…to something where you’re going to have negative cash flow, unless you do some bizarrely creative financing on it.

However, with the amount of commercial construction planned on the Strip, thousands of new jobs will emerge after the projects are completed. And with new jobs come demographic—and economic—growth. This is where Las Vegas gets a 380 degree return to be the “A” market of the West again!!!


“Taking a conservative approach, we’ve got 20,000 rooms being delivered, which represents 100,000 jobs,”

Our current job market is sitting at 900,000 positions to service a valley of two million people, so you’re talking about a 12 percent forced increase in the job market as we speak and very near future.”


The Las Vegas Valley area looks promising for rental property investors. While home prices are less expensive in outlying areas, the valley is where home prices are likely to appreciate most in the future. For the sovereign investor, you still can't go wrong buying a single family home in a master planned community where families want to live.



Buying multi-family rental property is a hot investment right now. Rental property has been a good investment in the past and many investors are now buying it up.

“We have lots of tenants here because of the nature of this city being transient. There’s also a trend of homeowners who got foreclosed on and they still need a place to live.  Allot of investors are already here buying these apartment buildings like crazy.”



For investors willing to weather the ups and downs of the Las Vegas housing market, the wisest investment may be buying and holding property.

The buy and hold is a great opportunity right now with the status of the market being Investor Friendly. OWN ANY PIECE OF LAS VEGAS!!!

Las Vegas will remain as a safe haven for many foreign investors, specifically from Asia and Canada. As per some recent studies, Las Vegas, has emerged as one of the most attractive target for foreign investors over the past few years due to its excellent Real Estate opportunities.

And now this is the time to invest into a great Real Estate Market as Las Vegas to snatch as many opportunities as possible, because the growth in local market has begun!!!!


The prospects are too good for the opportunity to remain long....Many millionaires have been made here. And many more are waiting in the wings.”








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