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       As of the latest national news issued on August 2011 by FHFA, in consultation with the US Department of the Treasury, and the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, the FHA and Fannie Mac as well as Freddie Mac are exploring alternatives that will facilitate the current and future disposition of REO sales, help stabilize neighborhood, and local home values, and where feasible improve the supply of rental housing locally and nationwide.

       Their goal is to find participant that would maximize the economic value that may arise from pooling such single and multifamily properties in some areas, like in our case Nevada as a start up point. Under the third party management such as GTSmay respond to local economic and real estate conditions more effectively then individual sales. For instance, Las Vegas and metropolitan areas does have a substantial number of REO properties and a strong market for rentals and affordable housing opportunities.

      In such locales, economic value in REO disposition may be enhanced by turning a large number of REO properties into rental and affordable housing for the needy. Thus, such activities will achieve outcomes that reduce tax payer’s cost, stabilize neighborhood and respond appropriately to market demands, much less open various job opportunities to our current job market.


***Reduce the REO portfolios of the Government in a cost effective manner by purchasing such distress properties
***Address property repair and rehabilitation needs
***Respond to economic and real estate conditions in the community
***Assist in neighborhood and home price stabilization efforts

In addition to purchasing such distressed properties, our organization is willing to assist the government in struggling to keep up with the region's rising number of abondoned homes, by rehabbing them and put them back in the market for the less fortunate of our community.


This is where GTS comes in!!!


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