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 GTS HUMAN RESOURCES INC provides competitive results for real estate investors, Buyers, Sellers, Renters and owner-occupants. Given our extensive experience, we offer direct expertise for each situation and transaction, whether you are buying a personal home or you have commercial-residential project needs, such as financing existing properties, construction, development, or community redevelopment and Seller Financing. We are uniquely backed by dedicated creative Real Estate solutions designed to advance effectiveness for all of our clients.

Many Choices in Financing Solutions

We understand that complex financial transactions call for flexible solutions and a firm comprehension of the fluctuating market and industry phases. Therefore, we endeavor to pass along that knowledge to you, to secure transactions efficiently and effectively.

With so 
many options today, it is as important to know the available programs, procedures, and steps needed to obtain financing as it is to understand how to buy a new home. We take pride in having the ability to assist our clients with all their Real Estate needs under one roof, by providing the necessary services required and assisting them in making a sound decision. 

Individualized Attention

To us, you are not just part of a process or system. We believe creating a long-term relationship is as important as closing deals. We know that every client’s needs are unique and because of that, we implement solutions through a seamless relationship to help you accomplish your objectives.

International Clients

Technology has enabled people and organizations to manage projects and operations across time zones and country boundaries, and maintain regular interaction with people of different cultures and languages. As a result, the distinctions of the past that separated people and businesses have become imprecise. The distinction between the professional and the personal, the public and the private, and the proprietary and the communal is similarly blurring. Organizations that can embrace the blending of these worlds such as GTS, will successfully navigate the opportunities that will emerge. Technology has a vital role to play in forming the bridge between the newly revealed and the newly constructed facets of our worlds.


INTEGRITY It’s not just a word. It’s an approach.  Our philosophy is to first determine whether our firm can deliver the services we delineate with management and then to match those goals with our capabilities.  Prior to engaging with any client, GTS Human Resources Inc carefully determines the short to long term goals of its clients.  Thereafter, a short evaluation period follows to develop a strategy or vision that will then be executed.  The goal is that neither party is ever misguided in their expectation of risk and opportunity.



We probe, question and listen to our clients. We develop a genuine understanding of the Investment perspective, and then transform highly-complex ideas into simple, common-sense messages delivered with PASSION and credibility.


Openness is a key to any relationship and at GTS we treat each transaction or service as if it was personal. Clients are kept informed during the transaction process. Day or night, from anywhere in the world, be confident that GTS is doing as committed.
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